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B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering - Fostering Champions of Technology

A Bachelor of Technology (BTech), is a 4-year undergraduate degree established to equip students with the essentials of various disciplines of engineering. With an emphasis on applications of science, mathematics, operations, and technology, a BTech CS degree is the first step for an aspirant towards a challenging, yet rewarding career.

With a BTech CSE degree, a Computer Engineer will be adept to solve conundrums of society using the most predominant weapon to have ever existed – Technology. A BTech CSE allows one to figure out practical use cases for scientific notions, and apply cutting-edge techniques and technologies to build, design, maintain, and operate complex systems and processes.

Who is a Computer Engineer?

An Engineer is someone who holds the potential to change the world. Instead of pondering what an engineer does, or can do, one must earnestly try to consider what an engineer CANNOT do! Engineers are problem solvers, analytical thinkers, lucid philosophers, and go-getters! An engineer creates what society visualizes, and implements the ideas and techniques of various disciplines to make the world a better place than it is.

A degree in Computer Science and Engineering is a fascinating concoction computer science and electrical engineering. A computer engineer researches, designs, develops, and hence tests computer software and its components. CS Engineers keep up with the rapid and critical changes in technology and enhance their skills throughout the course of their career. They apply the concepts of mathematics, electronics, technology, design, and the essential sciences to give a sustainable and effective solution to pressing problems of society.

  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

    A 4 year B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering degree is your gateway to a fulfilling and gratifying career. With the vision of creating promising innovators and leaders to take organizations to the zenith of success, the university works relentlessly to continuously optimize their teaching methodologies.


    1. B.Tech CSE (Core)
    2. B.Tech CSE (Hons) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (in association with IBM)
    3. B.Tech CSE (Hons) with specialization in Cloud Computing (in association with IBM)
    4. B.Tech CSE (Hons) with specialization in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (in association with IBM)
    5. B.Tech CSE (Hons) with specialization in Information Security (in association with IBM)
    6. B.Tech CSE with specialization in Software Engineering

  • Admissions to Graphic Era’s BTech program are direct and transparent, based on merit and subject to availability of seats, and can be fulfilled both, online and offline. The student must submit their IIT JEE scores and clear the subsequent evaluation rounds.

    How to Apply

    Admissions to the program are direct and transparent, based on merit and subject to availability of seats, and can be fulfilled both, online and offline.

  • Online Mode:

    • Applicants are requested to read the instructions carefully provided on the online admission portal before making an application.

    • Candidates are advised to keep ready scanned copies of the given documents before filling the Online Admission Form:
  • 1. Candidate's Photograph
    2. Candidate's Signature
    3. 10th Mark sheet/Certificate
    4. 12th Mark sheet/Certificate
    5. Self-declaration form duly filled and signed by the candidate.

  • Offline Mode:

    • The applicants can also submit their duly filed application forms at the Help Desk at Graphic Era (Deemed to be University), Dehradun along with the documents mentioned above.


    An engineer has the potential and power to give life to the theories and philosophies of the greatest scientists, thinkers, scholars and researchers. A BTech graduate of Graphic Era Deemed to be University holds the prowess of global exposure and multi-domain adroitness that promises them a higher return on investment, and a gratifying career.

    A BTech CS graduate can work in various profiles in the blooming software industry. Do you hold the power to bring an efficient solution to every problem? An Application Analyst is the right profile for you! Wish to analyze how an organization can move a level up? The world of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis has a place for you! Can you code like a pro? Does your code abide by the principles of time and space complexity? Can you create on screen what one can only visualize in their minds? You’re a potential software developer for sure! Love to play with data and information? The world of Back-end operations needs your attention! Wish to create dynamic and responsive applications and webpages? Why not work as a Mobile App Developer?

    The employment opportunities in the world of Computer Science are vast and endless. A B.Tech with Graphic Era gives you the wind beneath your wings to help you explore the world. Fuel your dreams with a B,Tech in Computer Science & Engineering at Graphic Era!


    Secure a scholarship seat with the best engineering university in the region. (Scholarship amount up to Rs 6,80,000/- per student)
    The university values and rewards merit and excellence, and provides an opportunity for all students to avail scholarships. Scholarships on the basis of JEE Main scores, and concessions are a vital part of university admissions that allow students to focus entirely on bringing the best out of their academic journey. The university believes in providing all girls with a dais to achieve the zenith of success with quality education, and administers an additional 10% fee concession to all female candidates of the university.

Why B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering Graphic Era:

Pursuing a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering at Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) is a journey of sheer illumination and revelation. GEU aims at nurturing the minds of future engineers to innovate technically advanced and practical solutions to help refine the quality of lives all around the world. Graphic Era is not just a regular institution. It’s an establishment for inventors, innovators, dreamers, scholars, and achievers. The university helps build a strong foundation for students wishing to venture into the world of computer science engineering. From the very first semester, students are encouraged to participate in competitions and seminars conducted by internal facilities and renowned institutions around the nation. Every student is aided with the induction of intellectually enriching and inspiring workshops and hackathons conducted by research scholars, industrialists, and technocrats from all over the world.
Seminars, group presentations, group and individual projects are a common protocol followed by the university to engage students in continuous and consistent learning and progressing within the stream they choose to specialize in. The university provides students with opportunities to pursue multiple value added certifications that allow them to build their skill-set with respect to future employability. With international collaborations with renowned universities around the world, and industry-oriented hands-on training sessions in the latest and most prominent trends of CS and IT like Big Data Analytics, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Cloud Computing, IOT, Machine Learning, etc, Graphic Era ensures a smooth and supreme education journey for all, from a naïve student to an adept engineer.

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With every passing year, Graphic Era produces hundreds of skilled engineers with finessed skills and proficiency that gradually drives them towards the top of their respective careers. A BTech program at Graphic Era constitutes a fusion of technical competence and soft skills to groom students with the capability to grab coveted placement offers with top-notch companies around the world. Students of Graphic Era’s BTech program have made their presence felt everywhere they have ventured throughout the course of their careers. From Adobe to HSBC, TCS to IBM, our students have established themselves in multiple eminent and prestigious companies. Read the testimonials of our star alum to see for yourselves! Maybe one day, YOU could be featured here!