GEU Tata Technologies
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Tata Technologies, founded in 1989, enables ambitious manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace and industrial heavy machinery spheres to design and build Better products through its Intelligently Different solutions.
With Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) being at the core of everything it does, the focus of the 8,500+ associates at Tata Technologies has always been on covering every aspect of the value chain by partnering with clients through comprehensive engineering services, product development, IT services and project management solutions. Tata Technologies has enabled leading manufacturers to achieve shop floor to top floor efficiency with the effective use of our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT) solutions.

Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) Fostering Innovation Progress in an Initiative With Tata Technologies

  • Industry-specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s interconnected world.
  • Collaborating with Tata Technologies means co-creating sustainable value for our key engineering and technology innovation.
  • To be a catalyst in reducing the academia-industry gap and ensure that the future engineers are ready for the industry.
  • Teaches the power of engineering to make the world a better place.
  • Highly advanced factory simulated environment equipped with state-of-the-art machines and high-end industrial software.
  • Internship opportunities with Tata companies/leading global OEMs to prepare for a real-world, professional experience.
  1. Centre of Excellence where students can advance their education in steps with the latest and future industry trends.
  2. Latest and most used technology tools for design, development, and analysis by major global OEMs.
  3. Equipped with high-end Industrial workstations, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, and Virtual reality tools through which students will be taught design & development techniques.
  4. Students will be able to work on the real-life projects.
  1. This Centre will act as an incubation centre for advanced technologies in the Automotive electronics field and provide the basic Automotive E&E architecture platform on which students will be able to experiment, research and innovate on the upcoming trends in automotive like EV/HEV systems, Advance Driver assist system (ADAS), Connected Cars, Autonomous vehicle,Human Machine Interface (HMI) etc.
  2. Create a car simulated environment where all E&E hardware is put in a loop and the different driving, environmental, functional etc. conditions can be simulated to check for the correctness of the design intent.
  1. This Center will focus on global trends in the manufacturing/production area of the value chain through a wide range of MES, Automation & Digital Manufacturing solutions & services.
  2. This center is loaded with Shop floor devices and equipment such as sensors and signal simulators, barcode & RFID technologies, Andon, Kanban boards, OPC layer for device connectivity, PLC and Controllers, Simulators, PLC Programming tools, SCADA, HMI software, and hardware.
  3. It will also provide access to IoT Kits and hardware which will expand the experience of students and encourage them to focus on building connected enterprise, product, and device integrations, manufacturing Big Data, Analytics, Mobility etc.
  1. This center will be equipped with different relevant industrial robots, CNC milling machine, 3D printers, Laser cutting machine etc.
  2. This center will help students to understand different manufacturing processes and utilize as a prototyping lab to support projects.
  3. Through the advance manufacturing tools and techniques, the students will get an experience of Simultaneous Engineering (Manufacturing Feasibility Study), Simulation (Robot Simulation, Human Simulation), Fixture Design, Lean Manufacturing, Muri analysis, Time study etc.
  1. The lab will consist of machinery that will enable teardown and benchmark of products, conduct benchmark studies, study cost-effective designs and understanding of different manufacturing processes, engineering materials used, “Should Cost” techniques, “Value Engineering” and frugal design.
  2. Help explore ideas for innovative products keeping product value in sight.
  3. Give access to the special teardown projects, conducted in these high-end labs.