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International Yoga Day Celebrated In Graphic Era With Great Fervor

On International Yoga Day, thousands of participants that consisted of teachers students  and NCC cadets of Graphic Era Deemed University and Graphic Era Hill University performed various postures of yoga like tadasan, vajarasan, bhujangasan, suryanamaskar in the accompaniment of  Gayatri mantra chant . Various pranayams like anulom vilom , kapal bhati were also performed  under the guidance of Yogacharya Shri Atul Sharma and Yoga instructor, Kheem Singh Danu. Commander of NCC battalion, Brigadier SP Singh, inaugurated the program. He said that by keeping people healthy through yoga, the country can be made healthy and happy.

Addressing the participants on this occasion the Chancellor of Graphic Era Deemed University Prof. R. C. Joshi said that Yoga is necessary not only for keeping the body healthy, but also to keep the soul lively. Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era Hill University Prof (Dr) Sanjay Jasola said that yoga is the right way of living and understanding life. Yoga helps in maintaining balance between body and soul and makes a person healthy. He advised everyone to adopt yoga in their daily routine.

The other members present at this event were Prof. H.N Nagaraja, Commanding Officer of 29 UK Battalion of NCC Colonel Sudeep Bose, Senior administrative officer Mr. BK Kaul, Lt Dinesh Chandra Pandey, Lieutenant Shivangi, Major Atul Singh and Lieutenant Niharika.


Graphic Era deemed to be University instigated  a Drone Aero show today, this is Uttarakhand's first and India's second aero fest. The professional drone pilots from Mumbai, Kerela, Chennai, Rajasthan and Pune  along with the students of Graphic Era deemed to be University who have build their own drones which mesmerized the audience by their flying tricks and the stunts performed by them.

These drones are used in country's security system and the main objective of this aero fest was to convey how these drones can be used in public utility services. The usage of these drones relative to the geographical conditions can be really important. Keeping this in mind the students of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering are utilising their knowledge of robotics to make such devices and drones, whose technology can be used easily in the hilly areas of the state.

Graphic Era group Chief Guardian R.C.Ghanshala Inaugurated the Aero fest. Coordinator of Aero fest and CEO of Technology Business Incubator GEU Vishal JC said that these drones can be helpful in controlling forest fire, natural disaster, providing medical aid in the affected areas, making arrangements for tourists and people coming for pilgrimage. This fest is organised in Graphic Era University  by the collaboration of Department of industries, Uttarakhand Government along with a start up of the alumni of the university, D-Town Robotics Ltd and Graphic Era University.