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Graphic Era sets One More World Record

Three World Records in just a few months!

The Guinness book has endorsed one more world record made in Graphic Era. This is the third world record made by Graphic Era in the last three months. Guinness Book has endorsed the World record made by Hotel Management Department of Graphic Era Deemed to be University by serving 272 mocktails. Mr. Vipul Bhandari, Assistant professor in the Hotel Management Department of the University, along with students of the Department achieved this feat by serving 272 mocktails.,

Earlier B. Tech. students of Graphic Era Hill University, --Yuvraj Joshi and Yatharth Joshi—had set a new world record by making four life-size idols from just papier mache; the largest in the world. Apart from this Hotel Management Department had made record by making 1200 pasta and 1500 mocktails. The process of registering this record in the Guinness book has already begun.

Induction Program of B-Tech in Graphic Era

Students learn the skills to improve greenery through scientific theories and techniques

On the third day of induction ceremony of new entrants to B Tech programs in Graphic Era Deemed to be University, the students were taught various techniques of improving the environment in urban life today. To enhance the greenery in the crowded cities, eminent forest expert Mrs. Meera Iyer introduced the students with the new and easy techniques of city farming and organic lifestyles.

The B.Tech induction program at Graphic Era kick-started with current topical, interesting and enlightening programs. On the third day of the ongoing induction program, eminent Indian Forest Service officer and Forest expert Mrs. Mira Iyer made the presentation on different ways to enhance greenery in cities and advocated the same as the best way of giving a life-long gift to the coming generations.

She said that if a family does not use polythene bags for a year, the pollution created by 500 polythene bags can be reduced in the environment. Hence, she asked the youth to practice the use of cloth bags in their daily life with which reducing polythene waste in any city can be achieved.

She taught the students the ticks of city farming technique, where every household is encouraged to collect the organic garbage in a drum and further with the use of bio-Sanitizer a variety of medicinal and daily use plants can be grown. Such ready drums act like a small ecosystem being home to many new plant species. She herself has planted 13 plant species in a drum which are high oxygen yielding plants. She named the drum as ‘Oxygen Bomb’ which has shown great results in enhancing the greenery around and making the environment pollution-free.

Mr. Rohit Sharma, faculty of Science demonstrated various activities based on the principle of Magnetism, optics, gravity, etc. The new batch of students also visited the Indian Forest Research Institute (FRI) and its museum today. The induction program was attended by the Dr. Pratibha Naithani, HOD of Environment Science, Dr. Kiran Sharma, HOD Physics Department, Mr. Himanshu Roy Goyal program convener and the faculty of School Of Engineering