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Graphic Era Alumni’s Shares Success Mantras

Kumaoni Singers sets the mood during alumni meet.

Dehradun, 3rd October, Graphic Era Alumni meet witnesses’ different colors of Uttarakhandi culture. Alumni coming from abroad as well as those residing in India shared their experiences on reaching the heights of success. President, Graphic Era Group, Dr Kamal Ghanshala said that Graphic Era is a university which not only allows the student to get hands on training on technical education but inculcates team work and leadership qualities which allow them to be professionals as well as better human beings. He further added that it’s because of the outstanding technical training provided by the university that in the present time one witnesses the alumni working in more than 100 multinational companies all across the globe. It is only possible because they attained technical and educational knowledge in a much disciplined manner.

Alumni working in various multinational companies gathered in the Bhimtal campus. Students in the campus gave a traditional welcome to their seniors. After this the Alumni shared their success mantras and struggle that they faced to reach heights. Having set a distinguished position in the corporate world, alumni like Randheer Singh,Gurpal Singh,Bharat Bhushan,Ankit Bansal,Tushar Sharma,Gurdeep Singh,Jaspreet Singh,Shivam Shrivastav,Sandeep Malkani,Ankur Jaiswal,Prashant Singh,Amardeep Vishwakarma,Himanshu Kohli and Gautam Samrat shared that in order to attain success the students need to get technical and vocational training along with the will to learn everyday and team spirit. They mentioned about the importance of team spirit in all walks of professional life. The first night of the Alumni meet started with Sarwaswati vandana followed by spectacular performance by Smriti Arora, VeerMandeep and Shivani Pandey. Pradeep Singh, Apoorv Bisht and their team presented a Kumaoni dance while Gurjant Singh, Richa and team performed bhangra.Ankit Dhanik , Yatharth Joshi , Payal Prakash and Swapnil Pathak of DNCQ thrilled the audience with their foot tapping performance. A mesmerizing Ramlila theatrical performance during the event led the audience overwhelmed. This was followed combustion of 27 feet Raavan effigy.

In the second day of alumni meet, student started with a trek in which the President,Dr Kamal Ghanshala along with the alumni went from the university premises to Sat Taal and then further to Hidamba temple. After the trek alumni enjoyed the cricket match. During the match the alumni made 25 runs in 12 over while the students of the university won the match in 10 over’s by just losing a wicket. Alumni coming from across the World and working in different MNC’S had a long discussion with Dr Kamal Ghanshala on the growth and the prosperity of the university. Harneet working in Microsoft U.S.A, Varun Badhwar in Infosys, England, Jaspal Singh Virk, Sintel, America, Bharat Bhushan working in CSI, Noida, Randheer in Sopra Styria along with others shared a viewpoint that the training and education received in Graphic Era has landed them in high profile MNC’s all across the Globe.Students should focus on their education and professional front, then only would they reach the newer heights of Global World.

The second evening of alumni meet witnessed the cultural programme of Kumaoni singers that led the audience in awe. The programme started with Kishor Panday’s vandana followed by the popular Kumaoni singer Maya Upadhyay who sang songs like “Hal kakdi ghil ma lun pisu silma……..aaj ka dina to holi gharpana”. Papu karki another fanmous folk singer sung songs like “O lali..O lali hasiya…meri heera samdhani”. Bishan Haryala sung songs like “Himul Van”, “Vooj dayi mora meri pushpa luki rey”.Rakesh Khanwal sung “Pahodo thando paani timali”.

President, Graphic Era Group, Dr Kamal Ghanshala, Graphic Era Hill University Vice Chancellor Dr Sanjay Jasola,Bhimtal campus Director, Prof Anil Kumar Balinga , Dean Dr RCS Mehta, Student welfare officer Dr Manoj Lohani along with other officials and faculty members were present during the occasion.




1st Stop of Bharat Yatra

Doon accords Warm Welcome Nobel Prize Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi Mr Kailash Satyarthi addresses a large gathering at Graphic Era University

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi , who is on 35 days long tour of India to create awareness about sexual exploitation of minors ,reached his first destination in Doon on 13 October, 2017. Known for his crusade for protection of children’s rights Mr Kailash Satyarthi’s first escapement was at Graphic Era University, Dehradun. There was mammoth crowd of students, faculty, social workers and people from different walks of life to greet him and hear his address.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi addressed the students at the Graphic Era University. He said that there are some places in our country where buffalos have more value than a woman. Shri Satyarthi said that India will soon formulate strict laws to prohibit human trafficking as has been promised by the Union Home minister. Giving alarming statistics collected by National Crime Record Bureau, Shri Satyarthi said out of 15000 cases of child sexual registered only 4% of the culprits have been punished of these cases. In 6% of the cases, the culprits were acquitted. And 90% of the cases are pending in the court. For dealing with such criminal cases there should be exclusive courts in every district of the country. It is important to impart justice to the victims and it is even more important to have deadline for solving these cases. It is important to punish the concerned authorities for delaying the cases. Giving instances of the various rape cases, he showed his concern for the victims of child abuse. He also said that there is a decrease in the cases of child abuse in the world, but to completely abolish child abuse it is necessary to break the silence of lakhs of child labourers, who are vulnerable to child abuse Shri Satyarthi stated that only those people create history that do not fear winning or losing. Persuading the students to create history, he told the students of Graphic Era that he has a lot of expectations from them. He asked the gathering to take pledge to raise their voice against child labour and sexual harassment. Prior to this, he met the tiny tots of Graphic Era Global School.

Present on the occasion the cabinet minister Shri Prakash Pant promised that the mission undertaken by of Shri Satyarthi will gather more force in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.

Welcoming the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi , President of Graphic Era group Prof. (Dr) Kamal Ghanshala said that he will support the campaign of Shri Satyarthi, in his his new project, he will provide free education to the children from lower strata of society so that they can also become doctors and engineers.

President of Parmarth Niketan Swami Chidanand Saraswati also addressed the gathering, he said that India is known for its culture and its GDP is, is its rich culture. Citing the examples of prominent people, he said that these people could succeed in life because their childhood was safe and secure. President of Divine Shakti Foundation, Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati said that 3.5 crore children are living like slaves. Until we free them, we can’t call ourselves free. Giving the statistics, State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairperson Shri Yogendra Khanduri, said that though Uttarakhand stands far better than other states in Child Sexual abuse and child labour, the Commission is committed to work relentlessly in this area. Additional Director General of Police Shri Ashok Kumar informed the gathering that the Uttarakhand police had rescued 1266 child labourers as part of Operation Smile in the last three years.The police is geared up to deal firmly in such brutal cases.

On this occasion Shri Kailash Satyarthi along with Swami Chidanand Saraswati gave the message of ‘Save Childhood’ by releasing balloons. Senior Director (HR) of multinational company Cap Gemini, Arshad Kadri was also felicitated during the event.

The function was presided over by state BJP president Ajay Bhatt. Hitesh Shankar, Mahendra Pandey also addressed the gathering. State coordinator of Bharat Yatra, Jaya Mishra coordinated the event. Sumeda Satyarthi of Kailash Satyarthi Foundation, Chancellor of Graphic Era University Dr. R.C Joshi, Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era University Dr. L.M.S Palani, Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era Hill University Dr. Sanjay Jasola, Deans, HODs faculty , students BJP leader Umesha Agarwal and other several dignitaries were present during the occasion.


International Conference


Dehradun, 28 October. New discoveries in the field of Electrical and Electronics Communication Systems can change the world. Today, specialists from some of the world's leading institutions have discussed such discoveries in Graphic Era. On the first day of this two-day International Conference on Recent Innovations in Electrical and Electronics and Communication Systems, specialists discussed about recent research works like unmanned vehicles which can be used for charging themselves, wireless power distribution, smart meters which can detect electric theft and Pace Makers, who can work according to heart-breaking stresses. It is possible that soon these research works will be accomplished.

Speaking at the conference, Professor Dr. Nitish Patel of University of Auckland, New Zealand, said that between 1990 and 2000, 41 percent (about two lakhs)of the world's poorly developed Pace makers failed due to the mistake of computer programming. Professor Patel said that in his university, research is being conducted on how the mathematical hearts can replace human hearts and they are tested for emergency by giving different levels of stress which is taken by the human heart through pace maker. He also informed about wireless power distribution, mobile charging vehicles. He highlighted the international research works, such as 'Study of Electrical Conductance Network of the Heart and Stomach' in the field of Bio-emulsion.

Prof. Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh of Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad said that power industry will have drastic changes in ten years as compared to the changes that has taken place in the last 100 years. Speaking on Power Quality Monitoring he said that there should be maximum use of smart meters in India just like it is used in the western countries. Vice Chancellor of MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur. (Dr.) S. N. Singh gave a presentation on moving towers Smart Electric Grid in India.

Graphic Era University Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) R. C. Joshi said that demand for energy across the world is increasing but traditional sources of energy are getting reduced. This area needs the most new discoveries. He said that the Internet was the largest inspection in the 90's and today even more innovation is in IOT (Internet of Things). Stating the English proverb 'Necessity is the Mother of Innovation' Vice Chancellor of Graphic Era Hill University Prof. (Dr.) L. M S. Palani said that all the new inventions that are taking place is to fulfill the needs of the people and this trend will continue to exist. Three technical sessions were also organized on the first day of the conference today. Dr. Padmanabha Thakur, a member of the convening board of the Conference and Department of Electrical Engineering, told that on the second day of the conference, Professor (Dr.) Mac Sharma of Birmingham City University, UK, Professor of University of Pretoria, South Africa. (Dr.) R. C. Bansal, I.O.C.L. West Bengal General Manager V.K. Shrivastav and I.I.T. Roorkee Pro. (Dr.) Y. V. Hotte and Prof. (Dr.) Nagendra Prasad Pathak will participate.

H.O.D. of EC Engineering Department, Professor Puneet Minocha said that 50 out of the total hundred national and international inspection letters received in the conference were selected for the presentation. He also said that, the two-day International Conference is being jointly organized by the University's Electrical and E.C. Engineering departments and in collaboration with USERC, CSIR, and New Delhi.

50 research papers presented in Graphic Era during an international conference

Dehradun 29th October: Very soon a new cost effective new technology which will enable charging of a mobile phone through another mobile phone , could be launched in the market. Research in this field is in progress in Graphic Era University.  A research paper was presented by the Computer Science Department during the II day international conference on New Technologies in the filed of Electrical and Electronics Communication System.

Vaibhav Agarwal from the Department of Computer Science, presented a research paper on a software that will use a cost effective  new technology which will enable a smart phone to charge other mobile  battery devices. Chances are that this research will further develop and emerge as a practical tool for the masses. During the II day conference, Prof. Mak Sharma of Birminghim University, U.K. gave a presentation on I.o.T. Data and Decision Support.  Dr. R. C. Bansal of University of Pretoria, South Africa threw light on new research being done in the field of Smart Grid Technologies. V. K. Shrivastav , General Manager I.O.C.L.  West Bengal shed light on research being done in the area of renewable energy and said that in order to fulfill India’s electricity power requirement, it needs minimum of 175 thousand megwatt of solar and wind energy. Dr. Nagendra Prasad Pathak of IIT Roorkee gave presentation on the subject of Non envasive R.F. sensor, while Prof. Y.V. Hoote of IIT Roorkee , presented on the subject of Robust P.I.D Controller Design. Dr. Padmanath Thakur, HOD Electrical Engineering and member of organizing committee of conference, said that four technical sessions have also been organised on the II day of the international conference. Together with Vaibhav Agarwal, Mitali Mahesh of Birminghim University, U.K. Jitendra Kumar Rana of M.N.I.T Jaipur, Brijesh Kumar of M.M.M. University of Gorakhpur and Shubham Negi of Graphic Era University, a total of 25 research papers were presented during the two-day conference. Among a total of 100 research papers across the globe, 50 research papers were shortlisted for the two-day international conference.  This conference was organised by Graphic Era University’s Electrical and Electronics Communication System Department with the support of U.S.E.R.C and C.S.I.R. New Delhi.