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It is important to master every technology to be successful: Dr. Parasher

In order to achieve success, it is important for the students to master every different technology. This was told by the (Prof.) Dr Prajna Paramita Parasher of The Chatham University, USA during a guest lecture in Graphic Era Hill University premises. Dr. Parasher came all the way from America to deliver a lecture on the topic of Higher Education. She came up with the proposal of exchanging education through Skype and video conferencing between Graphic Era Hill University and Chatham University.

It is to note that Graphic Era group signed an MOU with Chatham University of Pittsburg, USA on 21st march, 2017. Under this, the students of Graphic Era University and Graphic Era Hill University can pursue their graduation and post graduation from Chatham University along with their graduation from Graphic Era University within a period of five years.

Addressing the students of media and mass communication, Animation and gaming, and Fashion Design, Dr. Parasher advised the students that in order to be a successful professional in the fields of mass communication, visual arts, and studio arts, one must look at the ordinary things with a different perspective. She also said that in order to implement the different ideas through these fields, technology plays a very crucial role. So, the students should be curious enough to learn every latest technology. She said that a good professional should know how to manage time and people. During the program, Dr. Parasher answered the queries of the students and also shared her experience.

During this program, (Prof.) Madan Rajan, Head of the Department, Media and Mass Communication, Dr. Jyoti Chabbra, Head of the Department, Fashion, faculty members and students of Mass Communication, Animation and Gaming and Fashion Department were present. Miss Shikha Tyagi was the anchor of the event.



“Monsoon Zayaka” : Monsoon Raga Food Festival

At Graphic Era University Through

School of Management & Hospitality of Graphic Era University organized “AAMOTSAV “, Vol. II, a mango based food festival on 14 July, 2014. "AAMOTSAV" is an annual event at School of Hotel Management & Hospitality and is held in the month of July to celebrate rich flavors of the king of fruits – Mangoes. This year also the event was a unique research based food event covering the king of fruits in its full glory through infusion of flavors in various Indian and continental dishes. The student teams with their faculty had researched on different aspects of harmonizing various flavors of mangoes with traditional and modern recipes and dishes. The event involved the culinary presentation prepared from different varieties of mango, facts and stories connected with mangoes, as narrated by students. It was a great learning experience for the students.

The buffet called "Falon Kay Raja Ka Dastarkhwan" showcased and served dishes based on mangoes. The event showcased various interesting preparations like Mango Tikona, Noodles in Hot Mango Sauce, Mango Fried Dumplings, Mango Modak, Stuffed Mango Pasta with White Sauce, Mango Bread with Chocolate Syrup, Mango Bread Rolls, Mango Sandwich, Mango Salsa Nachos, Skewered Marinated Mangos, Mango Murg Biryani and Gosht Aamu. In addition to this various mango based drinks were prepared and served by team. Amrapaan, Mango Chilli Lime Shot was a unique eye opener appetizing drink that was served followed by numerous mango based exciting drinks. Jamaican Mango Tango, Mango Martini and Tri- Color mango rainbow were hugely appreciated by the attendees.

The whole presentation area was decorated by students in yellow and green color theme depicting the colors of mango including the dress of the students. The buffet was decorated with various varieties of mangoes and dishes based on mango as one of the ingredients.

The chief guests at this event were Prof (Dr) R.C Joshi –Chancellor Graphic Era University, Prof(Dr) V.K. Tiwari-DG, Mr. S.C. Sharma- Registrar, Prof(Dr). A.K. Awasthi, Advisor GEU and Dr. Anil Kumar Saxena, Head of faculty of Agriculture & Horticulture, Shri Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun .The distinguished guests appreciated the culinary event and complimented the students on their innovation, novelty& enthusiasm.

Prof.Dr. Vinay Rana, Head- School of Hotel Management & Hospitality stated that this was a live learning project which was given to the students, to encourage learning by doing, innovative thinking and research temperament.




Workshop on Mind Body Relationship by School of Humanities & Social Sciences

A workshop on Mind- Body connection was organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Graphic Era for the students of B.A. Psychology (Hons) and B.A.Economics (Hons) Semester III, on 15 July, 2017. The expert speaker at the workshop was Dr. Sonia Malik, Head Department of Psychology, MD University, Rohtak. Dr.Malik spoke about some effective ways to develop one’s persona. She also suggested some useful tips to make the mind more attentive and less worried. Lastly emphasizing the importance of a healthy body and mind. She added that “In A Healthy Body, Stays A Healthy Mind”.

Prof (Dr) Raj.K Dhar, Head Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, GEU felicitated Dr. Malik for the enlightening lecture which was much appreciated by the students. Dr. Juhi Garg, Dr Sakshita Anand and Ms Gunjan Singh were also present for the event.


Guest Lecture on Stress Management Workshop

School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Graphic Era University organized an expert talk by Prof Sooraj Kala of Pt NRS Government College Rohtak, on “Stress Management” for the students of B.A. Psychology (Hons) and B.A.Economics (Hons) Semester III on 14 July 2017. Prof. Sooraj Kala talked about the stress in a student’s life, factors leading to stress and how one can overcome it. She educated students on the difference between stress and distress, which they experience during examination time in their college life and how they can convert their stress anxiety into the progressive result. Through real life cases, she motivated the students to learn Yog. She emphasized upon the importance of Yoga and exercise in life for eliminating stress. She explained to the students how “Adopting the right attitude can convert the negative stress into the positive one –Hans Selve”

Prof (Dr). Raj.K Dhar, Head – School of Humanities and Social Sciences felicitated Prof Kala and thanked her for delivering the talk and educating students on Stress and its coping mechanisms. Dr. Juhi Garg, Dr Sakshita Anand and Ms Gunjan Singh were also present for the event.


New session for Engineering and Management Commences in Graphic Era

Use you full Potential to Achieve your Dreams: Chancellor Prof (Dr) Joshi gives the success mantra to the students

New academic session for Engineering and Management commenced in Graphic Era University from17 July, Dehradun. The session began with induction ceremony programme. Even before they could establish themselves as successful professionals overseas, thousands of students took their first step towards realizing their dreams.

While addressing the Induction programme Chancellor Graphic Era University Prof R.C Joshi told the students that their destiny is in the hands of the their hands. He further added that the students should be diligent and hardworking and use latest technology. Dr RC Joshi said that the students should focus on their individual pursuits in order to be able to realize their dreams and aspirations. He also said that the university boosts a large faculty base that has done their Ph.D and Post Doctoral programs from reputed universities all over the World while other faculty members have a rich industry experience. Speaking on the issue of addiction the Chancellor Dr RC Joshi urged students to stay away from drugs that only adversely impact students’ health but also ruin their entire life.

Addressing the students, the Vice Chancellor, Graphic Era University Prof (Dr) LMS Palani told the students to be focused while striving to achieve their goals sighting the example of how sunlight can be focused using a lens there by giving a beam of light as opposed to distracted light beams.

While addressing the gathering Dean-International Affairs Dr DP Gangotkar apprised students of the collaborations that Graphic Era University has with Chetham University (USA), University of California Riverside (USA), Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Germany), University of Nantes (France), Taylors University of Malaysia etc, through which students can also study in these universities. Students were also told about the achievements of the Graphic Era University as well as the excellent placement and research records of the university. Mrs Shreejate Dey , of Digital Marketing department of the University apprised the students of the increasing hazards prevalent in social media today and gave them tips on how to proceed with caution with regard to social media, while Mr Sahib Sablok, told them about the fun and game extravaganza that will unfold over the coming two days.

Prior to beginning of the coming session students were given a guided tour of the universities various labs, the e-library and the other facilities.