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National Conference on Recent Trends in Food Processing and Food Safety

Food processing has always been an essential factor in providing enough as well as quality food to the people. During recent years, newer challenges such as globalization of trade in food, urbanization, changes in life style, international travel, environmental pollution, deliberate adulteration, natural and man-made disasters have arisen which need to be ensure food safety and quality. Both education and training are needed for this purpose. The Conference will focus on the various food processing technique to preserve the food as well as safety concern of processed food for consumers.

This conference would provide a platform for the sharing of scientific findings, exchanging of ideas and enable participants to grasp the latest developments in the areas of Food Processing and Food Safety. It will serve as a great platform to improve the knowledge and skills in this field. The Conference contains Oral and Poster presentations related to the theme and subthemes. The main aim is to gather academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, industry person and students to discuss and share their knowledge and research works on all aspects of Food Processing and Food Safety.


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