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Life Skills

Graphic Era Deemed To Be University, aims to focus on self-awareness, self-disciplined and responsible students. To embibe these qualities we offer variety of Life Skills offerings that nurtures end empower the students to face and adverse situations in personal and professional life. Life Skills starts at the beginning of Induction programme itself till the last day of their programme.

Life Skills is a mandatory course of first semester as THF 101 HEALTHY LIVING.  This is a credit based course which is a mandate to clear for every student. In this course students are taught the importance of various nutrients, diet chart, human organs and their functions for healthy living. Students are also given knowledge about the junk foods and discouraged to eat it . Students made aware about the causes and measures for various diseases.

For every human being, to lead a healthy life exercise should be the integral part of our lifestyle hence students are encouraged to do it on daily basis. Young generation is nowadays involved in bad habits like drinking, smoking and drugs hence students are advised not to expose themselves to such bad practices .Importance of Yoga is also taught to the students. Students are also given information about the First-Aid which is important in the emergency condition.

Importance of Life Skills taught through a series of interactive activities, Discussion, Group Activities, Psycho Education, Role Plays, PPT Presentation, Videos, Games, etc., which stimulate both group and individual learning with the specific aim of developing life skills. 


1.   The benefits of healthy life style

2.   Importance of balanced food and proper diet in daily

3.   Problems related to addiction and benefits of yoga

4.   Basic first aid procedures.