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A scholarship is more than just a monetary reward. It determines that you had the potential to stand out amongst your peers. It rewards your academic achievements and scholastic capabilities. It helps you believe in yourself and boosts your morale. It gives you the freedom to pursue the career of your dreams with one less thing to worry about.

Ever since its inception, Graphic Era Group of Institutions has stood firm on their belief that higher education is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Quality higher education is an essential right for every individual from every strata of the society.

Talent, hard work, and merit must never go unappreciated. We value your efforts, your sincerity, and your caliber. We wish to help deserving candidates explore their potential to the fullest, and achieve the pinnacle of success. We wish to give you the confidence to pursue your goals. A merit based scholarship gives you the security that hard work and discipline never go unnoticed, and hence encourage you to continue delivering your absolute best, striving to attain greater feats, and being the most excellent version of yourself. Graphic Era awards thousands of scholarships to deserving candidates every academic year, based on their performance and qualifying test scores, thus paving the way for them to pursue their academic and aesthetic aspirations.

The university believes in expressing gratitude and paying tribute to the honorable defense personnel of the nation for their endless sacrifices and innumerable efforts to keep us citizen safe and secure. Hence, all wards of defense personnel are awarded with 5 percent scholarship per semester.

In order to encourage female candidates to pursue higher education and pursue their goals without financial burden, the University awards an additional 10 percent scholarship to every girl child on the net tuition fee of their course.



BTech CSE (Hons.) / CE / CST / DS & AI

Up to Rs. 4,80,000/-

BTech ME / ECE / Civil / Biotech

Up to Rs. 4,80,000/-

BTech EE / PE

Up to Rs. 4,80,000/-


Up to Rs. 32,000/-

BBA / BCom

Up to Rs. 1,50,000/-


Up to Rs. 1,60,000/-


Up to Rs. 2,00,000/-


Up to Rs. 1,20,000/-


Up to Rs. 40,000/-


Up to Rs. 32,000/-

BSc (hons) Biotech / Microbiology

Up to Rs. 1,20,000/-

BSc (hons) Food Tech

Up to Rs. 1,35,000/-

MSc Biotech / EVS

Up to Rs. 32,000/-

MSc Microbiology / Bio Chemistry

Up to Rs. 40,000/-


Up to Rs. 1,36,000/-


Up to Rs. 32,000/-

BA (hons)

Up to Rs. 33,360/-

BA (hons) Psychology / Economics / Political Science / English

Up to Rs. 60,000/-



  • The above scholarships are granted for the entire duration of the course. At the onset of every semester, the candidate needs to ensure scoring 70% marks or above in the previous semester for the scholarship to continue
  • If the candidate fails to meet the criterion mentioned in the first point, the scholarship will be discontinued only for that semester. If the candidate revives his/her score in the next semester, his/scholarship would be continued again.
  • All Scholarships are applied on the Tuition Fee, which is the single largest component in the total Fees the candidate pays to the University
  • The number of the scholarship seats offered by the University are solely based on the discretion of the University and may vary from course to course.
  • Before proceeding for admission, please ensure you have clarity on the Scholarships you are eligible for and whether Scholarship Seats are vacant in the course. If not done explicitly however, our admission counsellor will pass on this information to the candidate.