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CINEMATES- The Movie Club

About Club:

A movie club, like a reading group, is an intimate and informal gathering where people can watch movies, exchange ideas, experiences and emotions that may not be everyday topics of discussion but which shape all our lives.

Objective of the Club:

  • To bring together students to see movies/series based on any topic and discuss its plot in the form of group discussions, debates or short bite. The club encourages activities like Bonfire discussions, organizing a day out to see latest movies, visiting Uttarakhand’s prime shooting locations, etc.
  • To inspire them to appreciate documentary films and learn from their educative value.

Timings & Venue:

Saturday/ Sunday: 5:00 P.M onwards in block (LT 12) unless otherwise noted.

Faculty/Staff in charge:

Mr. Rishabh Aggarwal 

Mob: +91-7417901160

Student coordinator:

Mr. Shreyas

B.Com (Hons.) - 1st Year

Mob: +91-999665909