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About Club:

This Club is one of the largest student led performing arts club on campus. The club currently provides classes in Hip-Hop, Contemporary and various other dance forms which are held once a week. Our classes cater to the abilities of all students ranging from beginners to advanced dancers. The club activities consist of choreography, body rhythm and performance.

Objective of the Club:

  1. Organizing battles/ ciphers
  2. Solo & group choreography
  3. Participate and coordinate in Inter/Intra University competitions.
  4. Regular Dance sessions on weekends under mentor’s supervision

And much more......

Timings & Venue:
Saturday/ Sunday: 5:00 – 7:00 P.M in B.Tech Auditorium unless otherwise noted.

Faculty/Staff in charge:
Mr. Shashank Pathak 
Mob: +91-7456985321

Student coordinator:

Kaustubh Singh – 4th Year

Mob: +91-7579059780