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Group Discussion, December 2018

Group Discussion is a modern method of assessing students’ personality. It is both a technique and an art and a comprehensive tool to judge the worthiness of the student and his appropriateness for the job.  Group discussion plays vital role in understanding the topic. Discussing a topic with friends or classmates helps in learning the topic with perfection. 

Discussion on a topic involves sharing and learning by the participants which equally benefits all the participants.  Students not only got an opportunity to showcase their oratory skills but also to satisfy their intellectual and logical quest by expressing and sharing opinions.  Students were made to discuss on fact based topics, abstract topics and current affairs like “Mee Too” & Sec 497 etc.

Students were trained on problem solving ability. Even if the discussion doesn’t amount to a specific solution in the end, students will have used the mind to at least steer the discussion to a possible solution. This marks an effect on the ability to build an objective thinking which is essential in solving problems.