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About the Department

What can be a high point in your life?  - Cherishing a hard earned degree from one of India’s most admired Universities! Landing a dream job in a dream company of your choice! Walking into classes daily along with around 1500 young and enthusiastic brains! Learning from some of the best minds in the country!

At Department of Management Studies (DoMS), Graphic Era Deemed to be University, you get to realise all these dreams, and more. As a management student at DoMS, you are equipped to enter and succeed in your chosen professional life – as a business leader, as an entrepreneur or as a thought leader in the academic world.

But it will not be easy. You will be taking classes, doing individual and group assignments, reading and preparing for discussions on case studies, organizing and participating in various co and extracurricular activities, doing field assignments and internships all the time. The academic rigour is designed to help you thrive in fast paced business environments. DoMS’ state-of –the-art infrastructure nestled in the green serene campus of the University offers a perfect setting to nurture your learning. You also get to gain a multi-disciplinary perspective from other departments of the university.

Your stay in DoMS is not just about grades, degree and placements. You will get plenty of opportunities for enhancing your organizing, participating and leadership skills, developing lifelong relationships and expanding your horizons in a rapidly globalizing world.You can be part of one of the student clubs or committees to enhance your team-management skills.You get the opportunity to make friends outside DoMS by being part of sports teams, cultural and social events like Grafest (an annual fest). All of these still do not cover all the opportunities at DoMS. That is why we say – “Opportunties and Beyond ”. Started in 2003, today DoMS has a composite strength of around 1800 students pursuing their UG and PG programs, 65 PhD scholars and 50 plus expert minds from academia and industry as Faculty members.


We visualize Department of Management Studies, Graphic Era Deemed to be University as an internationally accepted centre for management education, training and research which is engaged in continual evolution of managerial skills and practices enabling the inmates to contribute towards economic and social transformation and development.


The Mission of the Department is to impart knowledge and skills through well-defined process of academic planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation. The Department aims at transforming the students into individuals equipped with managerial, human and ethical skills applicable for personal and professional life

Academic Programs offered

Ph.D Program

MBA- 2 year 4 semester program

MBA Artificial Intelligence- 2 year 4 semester program

MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture development- 2 year 4 semester program in concurrence with startup policy of Government of India

BBA- 3year 6 semester program

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To produce graduates having knowledge, ability and skill to apply basic principles of management to plan, execute, monitor and evaluate business operations.

PEO2: To develop analytical aptitude among students for effective coordination and communication for managing business organizations.

PEO3: To inculcate leadership qualities, interpersonal skills and professional traits among the students to work individually and in team.

PEO4: To sensitize the students towards issues like personal & professional ethics, environment conservation, culture and socio- political settings of immediate surroundings.

Program Outcomes (POs) MBA

The Post graduate will be able to,

PO1.       Knowledge and application of management concepts

PO2.       Ability to analyze complex business problems and designing solutions  thereof

PO3.       Using the research based knowledge and methods including primary and secondary data collection, analysis and interpretation to find business solutions

PO4.       Giving exposure to practical aspects of business and prevalent industry practices

PO5.       Strengthening the reasoning and analytical abilities for application in business problems

PO6.       Developing an individual to work effectively as an independent, as a member in diverse team in multidisciplinary settings

PO7.       Developing leadership qualities in an individual to exercise leadership roles

PO8.       Communicating effectively across the organization in different settings with different stakeholders

PO9.       Enhancing the creative acumen and developing innovative capabilities.

PO10.  Developing the enterprising ability by using the emerging tools of ICT

PO11.  Sensitivity towards environments (business and physical), values, ethics and social responsibility

PO12.  Ability to adopt life-long learning towards professional and overall development


Program Specific outcomes MBA

PSO1.   Developing the understanding of the micro and macro elements and practices applicable in business and entrepreneurial environment

PSO2.   Organizing and applying tools and techniques from various functional areas of management to solve complex business problems

PSO3.   Exposure to emerging global business practices and trends


Program Outcomes (POs) - MBA IEV

The program is designed and developed to achieve the following:

PO1.    Knowledge of business & management concepts along with entrepreneurship,

            innovation, startup and venture development.

PO2.    Enabling application of business innovation and venture planning, development and

            management related knowledge in real setting by way of practice.

PO3.    Strengthening the reasoning and analytical abilities to carefully analyze complex

            business& market problems and design or offer optimal solutions thereof.

PO4.    Using research based knowledge and investigation methods supported with analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information to support decisions.

PO5.    Exposure to prevalent and emerging industry trends and practices related to business and startups locally, nationally and globally.

PO6.    Developing & demonstrating enterprising and managerial acumen and ability toperform roles as a startup founder and entrepreneurial manager.

PO7.    Developing leadership qualities and interpersonal skills to function effectively as a leader or member in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

PO8.    Communicating effectively for various purposes across scenarios with different

      internal and external stakeholders.

PO9.    Enhancing the creative acumen and developing innovative capabilities for creating value by design and development of innovative products, services, ventures andfunctional strategies.

PO10.  Strengthening the technical ability by using the emerging tools of ICT and technology to support business and innovation.

PO11.  Cultivating sensitivity towards environments (business, social and physical), values,

ethics and social responsibility.

PO12.  Cultivating the habit of continuous and life-long learning towards professional andoverall development.


Program Specific outcomes – MBA IEV

The program is designed and developed to achieve the following:

PSO1.   Developing the understanding of the concepts, micro and macro elements, processesand practices applicable in business, management and entrepreneurship

PSO2.   Developing resourcefulness and capability toward applying knowledge, tools andtechniques for effective planning, development and management of businesses, newventures and functional areas.

PSO3.   Gaining knowledge and competence to raise ventures or startups from scratch orfacilitate them in the incubation journey of ideation, Proof-of-Concept, Prototyping, development of Minimum Viable Product or Business Model, registration, fund-raising         and rolling out.


Program Outcomes (POs) BBA

The graduate will be able to,

PO1.       Developing the understanding of fundamentals of management studies and related disciplines

PO2.       Developing the understanding of various functional areas of management and its application in business

PO3.       Developing the ability to apply the knowledge of management concepts in dealing with business problems

PO4.       Developing reasoning and analytical skills of students

PO5.       Developing the communication and presentation skills among the graduates

PO6.       Enhancing the interpersonal skills of the students to work in teams

PO7.       Developing leadership abilities and competence to lead a team

PO8.       Orienting students with information technology and its application in business

PO9.       Sensitizing the students towards basic ethical and moral issues pertaining to business and society

PO10.  Enhancing the creative potential and skills of students to solve general and business problems

PO11.  Enhancing the general awareness levels of the students

PO12.  Developing the interest towards self and continuous learning


Program Specific outcomes BBA

PSO1.   Enhancing the planning, organizing and executing abilities among students

PSO2.   Building the entrepreneurial skills and abilities to support existing and new business ventures

PSO3.   Sensitizing the graduates about social and environmental responsibilities of business towards all stakeholders