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Ms. Akansha Rawat, faculty of Economics, Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences was invited as a Resource Person for a workshop on 'Data Analysis using Advanced Functions in Excel' held at DBS PG College, Dehradun on 13th May 2019.

The workshop was organised by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Cell of the institution. There were 40 participants in the workshop which included academicians, students of Masters’ level and PhD research scholars from various institutes.

The main motive of the workshop was to enhance Skill Development in the students. The topics covered were Data Cleaning and Formatting using advanced functions, Formula Functions, Generating inferences from Data using Pivot Tables and Charts. 

On 2 March, 2019 the students of B.A. (H) Political Science, Semester II, Graphic Era deemed to be University and the students of the School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University attended the Legal Literacy Camp organized by the District Legal Services Authority, Dehradun. The camp was organized in the District and Sessions Court, Dehradun with the aim to make the students aware about the various laws regarding issues that impact the society in general and young adults in particular.

The District Legal Services Authority is committed to provide legal aid and services to the weaker sections of the society and ensure that justice reaches everyone irrespective of socio-economic barriers. The Legal Literacy Camps organized by the DSLA are a step towards this direction.

The Legal Literacy Camp not only proved informative for the students but also gave them a first-hand experience about the workplace and positions that they would occupy in the future as impactful leaders and competent professionals.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences conducted a workshop titled ‘Emotions and Me’ on 31st January 2019. The Resource person for the program was Dr. Linthoi Akoijam; she is MPhil and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from NIMHANS Bangalore.PG Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the United Kingdom, Mindfulness Educator, and the USA. Her experience includes

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” these lines by Charles R. Swindoll highlights the major agenda of the workshop. The workshop was highly interactive and motivating for the students and faculty members which focused on Emotions and being aware of your own emotions. Dr. Linthoi explained how the rational State is achieved when thought and thinking are involved without much emotional disquiet. She also suggested how vulnerability makes us less emotionally resilient and suggested a few ways to overcome them.

The workshop ended with these lines by Abraham Lincoln in a letter to his son’s teacher

Where he mentioned, “Teach him if you can – how to laugh when he is sad, teach him there is no shame in tears”.Prof. Raj K Dhar, Head of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences felicitated Dr. Linthoi Akoijam with the memento as the token of gratitude.

All the students, faculty and staff members were present to witness the event. To sum up, it was a well-thought-out workshop for providing insights to the student and faculty members.

August 18, 2018: A workshop titled ‘Entrepreneurship Developed program’ in collaboration with NEDC and NIESBUD was organised by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Mr. A.D. Pangotra was the esteemed resource person for the event. He has authored various books for entrepreneurial development such as Masters Can For See, Human Resource Management with Industrial Application and Entrepreneurship Empowerment.

The workshop was highly interactive and motivating for the students who have vision of becoming entrepreneur to change their abstract ideas into reality. He was interactive with the students and practiced several exercises for them to gain better insight. He also explained the procedure to get registered in government portal to initiate one’s own venture.

The workshop ended with vote of thanks by Prof. Dr. Raj K.Dhar, HOD, Humanities. All the students, faculty and staff members were present to witness the event.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences conducted a workshop titled ‘Bio-psychosocial Model of Health and Well-being’ on 30 January, 2019. The Resource person for the program was Dr. Geeta Khanna, MD Pediatrics. She is Medical Director and HOD Pediatrics in KMC Hospital. She also visiting consultant at  CMI Hospital, as senior consultant. She is the President of NGO SAMARPAN, working for adolescents’ health and wellbeing which operates a national helpline 181 for women of Uttarakhand.

A one day workshop was highly interactive and motivating for the students and faculty members which focused on mental health and well-being .She divulged that Community also contributes to mental well-being of an individual. She stated that bio-psychosocial perspective is more appropriate when analyzing the causes of mental illness. She highlighted that biological psychological and social determinants affects the mental health and connects the outside world to one’s biology and psyche.

The workshop ended with vote of thanks. Prof. Raj K Dhar, Head of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences felicitated Dr Geeta Khanna  with the memento as the token of gratitude.

All the students, faculty and staff members were present to witness the event. To sum up, it was a well thought-out workshop for providing insights to the student and faculty members.

Faculty members and students of Humanities and Social Sciences participated in PANIIT International Management Conference  2018,which was held at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee from 30 November - 2 December, 2018. It aimed at bringing academicians and practitioners on one platform to turn the spotlight on current and future advance in business management, administration, and economics. The conference was organized in association with NAPSIPAG and Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Prof Nigel Garrow, HoD (Finance, Accounting and Business Systems ( Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Prof G. Raghuram, Director IIM Bangalore graced the event by their presence.

Following are the details of paper presented at the Conference:

Dr Anugrah Rohini Lall (Asst.Prof) and Ms Gunjan Singh(Asst.Prof)  presented a paper titled Psychological factors that determine Investors’Decision-making towards Financial Avenues: A Study in Dehradun.


Ms Asmita Thapa (Student,Final year, BA Psychology (H)  and Ms Gunjan Singh(Asst.Prof) presented a paper titled ‘Resillience, Personal Growth Initiative and Employees productivity at Workplace’.

Ms. Reeya Singh (Student,Final Year,B.Com (H)and Ms Gunjan Singh(Asst.Prof) presented a paper titled ‘The Psychological Impact of Advertising Exhibiting Objectification,Manipulation and Confinement of women.’

 The conference witnessed the huge amount of participation from all over India.

Students of  Psychology  presented research papers at International Conference on Cognitive Behavioural Interventions (ICCBI)

The students of BA Psychology (Hons) of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Graphic Era Deemed to be University, presented their research papers at an international conference organized by SGT University, Gurugram (Haryana) on 28-29 October, 2028. The theme of the Conference was   “The rising burden of Psycho-Social Distress: Need for Trans-Disciplinary CBT Interventions.”  The conference was attended by many national and international delegates.

The students who presented their research papers under the guidance of Ms. Gunjan Singh, University Psychologist & Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,  are  Sanya Mittal, Jayshree Bhatt, Deepali Aggarwal, Shubhangini Dimri, Disha and  Sharma. The participants of the conference had an opportunity to present their papers and put forward their views on the effective use of CBT as a treatment for various disorders. Following are the topics of the papers presented by students of Psychology:

1.       Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating Bipolar Disorder(Jayshree Bhatt & Ms. Gunjan Singh)

2.       Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating Social Anxiety Disorder(Sanya Mittal & Ms. Gunjan Singh)

3.         Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating OCD(Deepali Aggarwal & Ms. Gunjan Singh)

4.       Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating Schizophrenia(Disha Sharma & Ms. Gunjan Singh)

5.       Impact of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating Voyeuristic Disorder(Shubangini Dimri & Ms. Gunjan Singh)

The participants were  awarded certificate of participation and presentation separately. 

On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of military psychology in Serbia, a two-day international scientific conference "Stress in the Military Profession – Achievements and Perspectives" was opened today at the Serbian Army House, organized by the Strategic Research Institute of the University of Defence. Miss Gunjan Singh, University Psychologist/Assistant Professor, Department of Humanity and Social Sciences, was invited to attend the military conference. There were eminent military psychology experts present from a large number of countries, India, Canada, South Africa, Estonia, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia is also an important part of this event.

On behalf of the host of the event, the director of the Strategic Research Institute, prof. Dr. Jovanka Šaranović, pointed out that the Institute is a research organization that deals with interdisciplinary research in various fields of social and humanistic sciences. Through his thirty-four-year work, among other things, it also deals with psychological topics: the value system and attitudes of the members of the Defence system on the reform of military organization, organizational culture, the engagement of women in the military profession, as well as the psychological factors of the family and social context of the selection of the military profession, education and work in the military system and success factors in the military profession.

After the director, participants were addressed by Rector of the University of Defence, Major General Assistant Professor Goran Radovanovic, who pointed out the importance of educating all members of the Defence system on topics in the field of military psychology. The international conference was officially opened by State Secretary Aleksandar Zivkovic who pointed out that the military profession requires more of an employee, as is the case in other professions. The first day of the conference was about the psychoanalytic theory of trauma and its application in the military environment, war neuroses and consequences of war, military and civil ego, and the stress of employees in foreign military armies.

In the introductory lecture prof. Dr. Gideon Van Djuk from the University of South Africa's Stellenbosch School of Military Sciences spoke about stress and his treatment in a challenging profession such as military, about the challenge of a psychologist in changing the nature of warfare to minimize stress. Within the framework of today's meeting, a psychological workshop was held in the performance of Lieutenant Colonel prof. Dr. Jacques J. Gouws from Canada on the topic: Differentiation of combat stress, posttraumatic stress and traumatic stress of a person with disabilities. 

After that Ms. Gunjan Singh from Graphic Era Deemed to be university presented her paper on the topic, “A study of Locus of Control and Self Esteem amongst Military Cadets”. She highlighted the importance of building internal locus of control and high self-esteem in the cadets.

Among the participants, besides professors and exhibitors from foreign universities, there were military psychologists of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army Forces, psychologists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the cadets of the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the VMA, as well as many participants who were interested in today's topic.

The conference was divided into two panels on both days, and for the completion of tomorrow's work, the promotion of the thematic collection with 19 scientific papers, 32 authors, "Stress in the military profession", published by the Institute for Strategic Research at the University of Defence and the Faculty of Military Sciences, Stelenboš University of the South African Republic, was envisaged.

Events such as these also encourages the students to represent the university at international level, also creating number of new opportunities for them.

Composition resource[Online]:


School of Humanities and Social Sciences observed World Mental Health Day on 10 October . On this occasion workshop on ‘Mental Health Issues and its Preventions was organized.

The expert speakers were Dr. Gurbeer Dullet , Rehabilitation Psychologist on mental health issues and its interventions . She talked about optimism, resilience, virtue of humanity and happiness. She had an intensive interactive session with the students on issues of mental health. The second expert was Dr. Pratibha Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, Doon Therapeutic Centre. She spoke about emotional traumas that youth undergo and how it can lead to serious mental health issues if these problems are not addressed on time. She suggested psychological interventions to problems like anxiety, depression etc. She answered many queries that of the students

Many, activities based on values , strength and compassion were also organized by the department. They were conducted by Dr. Kanchan Yadav . Students of Psychology department presented a Nukkad Natak on mental health issues to create awareness, which attracted a massive audience who gave positive feedbacks.

The program ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. Raj Dhar, HOD.

On 11 August 2018, Humanities and Social Sciences organised a splendid freshers’ party for the first year students of BA Economics (H), BA Psychology (H) and BA Political Science(H) . The senior students put up an entertaining cultural show and organized fun activities .
The event began with Ramp Walk by first year students which was followed by Talent Hunt .Senior students also showcased their skills through dance ,songs and poetry.
Title of ‘Mr and Ms. Fresher’, ‘Mr and Ms. Talent’ and ‘Spark of the Evening’ was given which was followed by cake cutting ceremony and distribution of snacks.

The program also had DJ playing popular songs fresher was infused with the feeling of pride and enthusiasm.

The following students received the titles:  

Mr Fresher : Abu Seher, BA Economics (H) 1 Year
Ms. Fresher : Rupam, BA Political Science (H) 1 Year
Mr Talent : Shudhanshu Negi, BA Psychology (H) 1 Year
Ms Talent: Nitya Arora , BA Psychology (H) 1 Year

Spark of the Evening: Nishant Chaudhary


February 17, 2017: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of Graphic Era University organized One Day certified Workshop on Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Children with Learning Disability- Level I. Students of BA Psychology (H) and BA Economics (H) enthusiastically participated in the workshop and were benefitted by the Tools and Techniques for identifying children with Learning Disability, basic remedial measures and therapies’ and basics of intervention techniques. A prominent NGO-Sewa Bhav Foundation delegates conducted the workshop.


March 2, 2017: Students attended an interactive session with Mr. Anshuman Dubey, National Product Manager- Sennheiser Electronics India (P) Ltd on the topic ‘How to be work ready for the demanding industry’. He talked about existing market and job scenario in India and talked about various traits a college student should have to match the industry requirements. He also discussed the role of psychologists in industries and organisations who help in smooth and efficient working in a workplace, in order to foster success. He said that the industry and organisational psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems in workplace and improve the quality of life. The faculties and students of BA (H) Psychology, attended the talk.



April 29, 2017: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of Graphic Era University organised an expert talk on the topic ‘Hardy Personality Traits’ delivered by Prof . Dr. Sonia Malik from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. Hardiness is conceptualised as a personality characteristic which encompasses three component traits; commitment, challenge and control and acts as a resistance resource mitigating the adverse effects of stressful life events. It is characterized by resilience and the ability to cope with stress. The talk was attended by HOD Prof. Dr. Raj K. Dhar , faculty and students of BA (H) Psychology and BA (H) Economics who benefited from it.



July 14, 2017 an expert lecture on “Stress Management” by Prof Sooraj Kala from Pt. NRS Government College   Rohtak was organized for students to make them understand how they can prevent getting stressed and how they can overcome this.


July 15, 2017: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of Graphic Era University organized an interactive talk delivered on “Mind Body Relationship” by Prof. Dr. Sonia Malik from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.She spoke about two perspectives explaining mind and body commonly known as monism and dualism. It was further discussed that the mind- body health connection, thoughts and emotions can play a central role in all aspects of an individual’s health. Students of BA(H) Psychology benefited out of it.  



July 24, 2017 Expert session on ‘Special Children and their Food’ by Mrs Saswati Singh, Founder Trustee (Nav Prerna Foundation) was organized by the department to sensitize the students towards the needs of specially enabled children.


July 25, 2017 The department organized Team Management Training  with  Ms Aditi Sharma (Director- Leading Edge, India)  And Expert Talk by CA Anurag Sangal, Director- Leap Foundation



18 August, 2017   University organized  the Swacchata Abhiyaan of the University.  And our students , Shubham, Gargi, Chhavi, Ayushi, Priyanshi, Surbhi Lohani, Ujjawal, & Kajal participated in the movement.


5 September, 2017:  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) organised a guest lecture delivered by Mr. Harshit Sehdev, Founder and Director of Tvam, India, on the topic “Emotional Intelligence”. He is a life skill coach with a wide experience in psychological counselling and emotional wellbeing. He also runs an NGO called TVAM since 2013, which works for the upliftment of the backward section of the society. “Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”, Mr. Harshit told the students. Prof. Dr. Raj K. Dhar introduced the speaker to the students. The students of BA(H) Psychology and BA (H) Economics attended the talk and greatly benefitted out of it.



27th October, 2017 a Seminar on Drug Addiction and Fire Safety was organized. All the students of the department participated enthusiastically in the seminar.


2nd November 2017 a Workshop on ‘emotional intelligence’ was organized, all the students of department participated enthusiastically in the workshop. 


January 31, 2018: A Guest Lecture titled 'Economic Development and Issues -1947 till Date' was delivered by Dr. Tulika Chandra, Associate Professor, MKP (PG), College, Dehradun. She has done remarkable researches and paper work and is proficient in the field of Economics. She explained the background of economic changes took place in India after independence , between 1947 to 2017. She also discussed about the Five Year Plans and structural shift that brought urbanization and informed the students about ‘Green Revolution’ and Operation Flood . The students also learned about the stagnant and growth periods .She divulged information about LPG- Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalization, ‘Sachet Revolution’ that has led to the advent of portion packs by the consumer product companies targeting rural population which bridged the gap between rural low-income group and urban high-income group. She also enlightened the students about the contributions of eminent leaders for the growth of the country. She ended up by notifying about the current events such as Made in India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, NITI Aayog, Demonetization and GST and their effects on our economy. Prof. Dr. Raj K Dhar, HOD , introduced the speaker to the students and welcomed her. All the faculty and staff members of the department were present to witness the event.



February 21, 2018: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of Graphic Era Deemed to be University organized a Mega Mind Fest called ‘Mending Minds 2018-Celebrating Human Psyche’. The event was organized and managed by the faculty and students of the department. One this day, more than 3000 psychometric tests were administered on the university students and staff which measured their personality types, Emotional intelligence, General Wellbeing, intolerance and Ambiguity, Self Esteem, Locus of control, Anxiety, depression levels, Laziness type, Post Traumatic Stress and Gender Identity. Some of the tests were also administered on the faculty and staff which measured the occupational stress, Employee mental Health, Family Relationship and Work motivation. The Event was inaugurated and graced by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. LMS Palni, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Nagrajan, Prof. Dr. V.K Tewari- Director General TBI and other deans and Heads of various departments. Prof. Dr. Raj K. Dhar- HOD, Humanities, welcomed the guests and congratulated the students efforts and guidance provided by the faculty members. The event was well received and appreciated by students and faculties of the university.



February 7-8, 2018: The students attended a two day workshop on ‘Neuro -Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ organised by the department.The workshop was conducted by Dr. A. Abraham, a certified practitioner of NLP from United Kingdom with more than 20 years of experience. The workshop led to the completion of Level I Certification course. NLP provides practical ways in which you can change the way you think, view past events and approach your life. Dr. Abraham said that this technique works from the starting point emphasizing that one may not control much in his/her life however one can always take control of what goes on in one’s head. Prof. Dr. Raj K Dhar, HOD, Humanities, introduced the speaker to the students and welcomed him. All faculties, students of BA (H) Psychology and BA (H) Economics attended the workshop.


23 April, 2018: One day Seminar on ‘Changing Trends of Indian Economy’ was organised by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

Dr. Rajlakshmi Datta  Assistant Professor, DBS (PG) College ,Dehradun and Dr Shudhanshu Joshi ,Assistant Professor, Doon University, Dehradun were the  External Experts  to witness the event.

The program began with welcome address by Dr Raj K Dhar, HOD, Humanities. Thereafter, External Experts shared their experiences with the students and deliberated their thought on relevance of Changing trends in Indian Economy. This was followed by the Technical session in which students of BA (H) Economics participated and exhibited their research work through power point presentations. Seminar was highly motivating and interactive session concluded with Question Answer round. 

Dr. Rajlakshmi Dutta gave encouraging feedback and also suggested useful methods to enhance research work in the field of Economics. Dr. Shudhanshu Joshi enlightened the students about the changes in global scenario.  

The session ended with vote of thanks by HOD. Certificate of participation was distributed to all the students. Best presentation was awarded to Shubham Rawat, Kajal Banga and Ritwika Sulhan from the BA Economics (H) 1st Year and Muskan Agarwal and Deepti from 2nd  year.

All the faculty and staff members of the department were present to witness the event.

  • 9 September, 2017 Tug –of- war the  team of Humanities and Social Sciences secured second position out of 23 teams in the competition. The team consisted of  Priyanshi Barmola, Taru, Neetika, Saurabh Mathpal, Abhishek, Aakash Pant, Keshav Gupta, Prateek Kandari, Rahul Kharb.
  • Basketball Championship- From 8th to 13TH September 2017 basketball matches were organized in the University wherein Ms Taru and Charu of BA Economics (H) were the part of a the team and stood 3rd.
  • The Marathon-‘Run for unity’- On 31st October 2017, all the students of the department along with other participants from the university ran for unity on the birth anniversary of Iron Man- of India , Late  Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel.
  • Participation in National DEBATE. Two students of the department, Priyanshi Barmola, and Anjali Verma of BA Economics (Hons.), Semester I & Anshuman Jaguri of BA Psychology (Hons.), Semester I participated in the National debate organized on “can corruption be wiped from India?” on 3November 2017 by Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Science and Research.
  • The students of Economics and Psychology participated in National Summit on "Digital Judiciary-Smart Solutions" organized by Graphic Era Hill University in association with CSI, IE(India).   
  • Gokul Society for Handicaps, Dehradun on 5 November 2017. Twenty students from the department participated and worked as volunteers for Gokul society for handicaps.
  • Blood Donation Camp on 14th November 2017 was organized at the university and studenst of SHuSS participated and donated their blood to save lives of people.
  • Sponsored International Internship at Hochschula Fulda University, German: Pinky Tomar .
  • Internship with Synergy Hospital, Dehradun- Ms Yoshita Bhargava
  • Internship with Max Specialty Hospital, Dehradun- Ms Pinky Tomar
  • Internship with Nester Educational Society, Dehradun.-Ms Richita Jakhwal and Ms Sakshi Negi.
  • Internship with Cheshire home and Raphael Home, Dhradun- Ms Apoorva Singh
  • Internship with SHPS, Hardwar- Ms Jahanvi and Ms Vanshika Mittal.
  • Internship at Aasara Trust (An NGO)-Ms Asmita, Ms Pinky, Ms Yoshita, Ms Sakshi, Ms Richita.
  • Live Project- Field Survey work for Aasara Trust (An NGO): November-December 2017.- Ms Richita Jakhwal, Ms Sakshi Negi, Ms Apoorva Singh, Ms Prerna and Ms Vaidehi.
  • Internship at Aasara Trust (An NGO)
  • Anveshan 2017- Students Research Convention (NZ) sponsored by AIU, New Delhi.
  • 10  students of BA Economics(Hons) II& IV Sem  and two students of BA Psychology(Hons) have been selected to undertake their Summer internship in Lok Sabha- Secretariat , New Delhi.
  • Jakhwal, R., Negi, S. & Garg, J. (2017) Women Participation and the Work Conditions in the hotel industry of Dehradun city. Trends, Issues and Women in Hospitality and Tourism industry Proceedings of The International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism (pp. 113-126). Dehradun, India: Graphic Era Deemed to be  University.
  • Ten students of BA Psychology (H) participated in the International Conference on    Neurosciences and Buddhism Psychology on 4th-5th November 2017 Organised by Tibet House, Cultural Center for His Holiness - The Dalai Lama, New Delhi.
  • Ms Prerna Gosain research paper selected for Eleventh International Conference On Healthcare Systems and Global Business Issues at IMS Unison University on January 2-3, 2018 - Dehradun, India.
  • Ms Richita Jakhwal’s paper has been sent for a book chapter for Manakin Press (An international Publisher) Book edited by Professor of Banaras Hindu University, India.
  • Ms Pinky and Ms Asmita’s paper has been sent for a book chapter for Manakin Press (An international Publisher) Book edited by a Professor of Banaras Hindu University, India.

Pinky Tomar

Foreign Internship

Pinky Tomar, a student of BA Psychology received a fully Sponsored International Internship at Hochschula Fulda University, Germany. Pinky worked on stress management project.


  • An experienced teacher with 32   years of teaching experience at graduate level.
  • Assisted in the development of course curriculum for H.N.B. Garhwal(Central)  University for BA.LL.B course in 2002 when this program was introduced by the University
  • Member of Board of Study  of Uttarakhand Technical University, for Technical Communication.
  • Examiner for Professional Communication for Uttarakhnad Technical University from 2008-2013
  • Customized and contributed the original content for Seven Books for Pearson Publishers, Noida.
  • 4 books already used as Reference books in Uttarakhand Technical University, Chhattisgarh and U.P.Tech for Technical Communication and Professional Communication Skills.
  • Authored a novel “From the Pages of a Diary” published by Partridge Publishers; a subsidiary of Penguin publishers
  • Second novel “Norrie My Friend in Turbulent Times” under print
  • Have written 10 prospectuses, hand fliers and composed various advertisements for the organization working with, besides writing the content for their websites and updating it regularly and also writing content for University Face book page on daily basis. Editor of the University annual Magazine “In Touch In Tune”
  • Was the founder and later the editor of “Samvaad” the monthly news letter of Uttarakhand Technical University from 2008-11.
  • I have  also worked on the project of Wild Life Institute Dehradun which involved translating the research papers form English into Hindi and vice- versa
  • Vice- president of CBED, an NGO working for the women empowerment and skill generation among the rural people
  • I was also an elected member of Dehradun Municipal Committee 1997 Board  and  was elected Senior Vice- President of the same.

Ongoing Research Projects

Two research projects in association with CBED(Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Development) a , Dehradun based NGO submitted for approval and funding ;

  • Impacts of climate change on the apple based economy and regional livelihood pattern in Central Himalayan Region.
  • Coping with change : Enhancing Rural Resilience to Climate Change in Uttarakhand , Through Capacity Building.

Funding Agency

  • Asia Pacific Networking Global Change Research HQ: Japan Funded by Tokyo, Japan


  • Asia Pacific Networking Global Change Research HQ: Japan Funded by Tokyo, Japan


  • Dr. Raj K. Dhar

Sanctioned Amount

  • Project: USD$ 30,000
  • Project: USD $25,000

Duration of Project

  • 12 months- 24 months

Journal Publication

  • Co-authored paper : Ordeals of Suppressed Womanhood in the Novel , ‘Cry The Peacock’ by Anita Desai: 2016 Volume IV Issue VI
    International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities
    Indexed and Refereed Journal ISSN 2321-7065
  • Three Research Papers Under Publication for acceptance received and will be published in July publication
    • Identifying Factor Responsible for Children Dropping out of the  Elementary School System: Case Study of   Urban Areas of the District of  Dehradun, International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies
    • School Status, Quality Issues in Government Run Schools: Case Study of  the District of Dehradun and Suggestions to improve the Quality: International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research Volume: 5, Issue: 7, July, 2016 with JISRAF Impact Factor 3.318, Index Copernicus Value 5.16 & International Scientific Indexing Value: 2.286.

Conference Publication

  • Food Supply Chain Practices In India: Issues & Interventions: Journal of Institute of Cooperative Management : A Unit of National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT) Ministry of Agriculture , Government Of India.

Books Authored

  • 3 Books on Professional Communication

Conference & Seminar Attended

  • Seminar/Conference / Workshop attended and paper presented:
    • Presented a co- authored research paper on “Food Supply Chain Practices In India: Issues & Interventions”: at the National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” Organized on 30 June 2016, by Institute of Cooperative Management, Dehradun , : A Unit of National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT) Ministry of Agriculture , Government Of India. Paper accepted for Publication.
    • National Symposium on Biofuels: Indian Scenario and Presented Two Papers: 29 April 2016 Organized by Uttarancjal University in association with Uttarakhand State Council For Science & Technology
      • Demographic Dividends: Its Implications for India: Paper under publication in Uttaranchal Technical Journal
      • Difference in Learning Outcomes of Government School Students and Private unaided school Students”
    • Workshop on New Guidelines for Accreditation for Institutes and Assessors of National Board of Accreditation NBA(AICTE) from 21 August- 22August 2009. Organized by Uttarakhand Technical University and AICTE, MHRD. Also served as resource person and moderator for the entire proceedings .Served as master of ceremony at the First Convocation of Uttarakhand Technical University.
    • Attended International Workshop at City Montessori School Lucknow on 17-22 November, 2011 on “The issues that have changed the education scenario in India.”
    • Seminar Unison School of Law, Dehradun – Oct 24, 2005 on : Uni -polarity of UNO in The Present Scenario : Presented paper on “Need to safeguard interests of Developing Nations”

FDP/Workshop Attended

  • Two FDP Programs attended and four workshops attended

Any other Information such as Ph.D/M.Tech thesis guided

  • Two students working on D.Phi research in my present organization

Journal Publication: 02

Books Authored

  • Published one Book titled “Basic Technical Communication” (2009).PB, ISBN: 9788175967663.
  • Revised and edited book titled “Basic Technical Communication” (2010), (2011).

Paper Presentation: 02

FDP/Workshop Attended: 05

Journal Publication

International: 4 National: 4

Books Authored

Book Chapter Published: 2

Paper Presentations in National

and International Conferences

Conference / Seminar/

Workshop Attended              





Journal Publication 11 articles published in various journals

Conference & Seminar Attended

Attended and presented papers in 05 conferences/seminars

FDP/Workshop Attended: 4

Conference & Seminar Attended                             4   

FDP/Workshop Attended                               2

1. Research Assistant- D.B.S. College, Dehradun, in two Statistical Strengthening projects:
[I] Project Title: A Study on possibilities of alternative livelihood activities and utilization of available amenities post 2013 disaster: A case of Uttarkashi district of Uttarkashi.
[II] Project Title: Learning outcome of school education on estimation of primary and upper primary schools of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

2. Assisted the World Bank team in a health evaluation program titled ‘“Field Research and Geo- Spatial Mapping of Health Facilities in Uttarakhand” by DÉCOR Consultant Company.

3. Researcher in an Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR), Delhi research project titled, “Direct and Indirect Loss Estimation of the 2013 Uttarakhand Disaster-A study of the four affected districts.

Book Chapter Published:      01

Conference / Seminar/

Workshop Attended:              05

Four Day Induction ceremony School of Humanities and Social Sciences commences

The Induction program of the freshers of BA Economics(H) , BA Psychology(H) and BA Political(H) began on 1August. The Induction program was inaugurated by the Pro Vice Chancellor Prof . V.Nagarajan and the Head of the department Prof RajK.Dhar, with the lighting of the lamp . The first day was an intellectual session where the students had the opportunities to interact with dignitaries.

Prof Raj K.Dhar welcomed the students. Highlighting the salient features of the study programs the students had chosen , she talked about the various resources available to the students at the University , to enrich their lives. Prof. Nagarajan enlightened the students about importance of Personality Development and ethical practices. He urged the students to make best use of their time in the University. Another dignitary Professor MP Singh, Head HR Department and Professor in the Department of Mangement , spoke about the future prospects for students and motivated them to develop clarity regarding their Career Choices . He shared instances from his life to motivate the students. Mr Suchit Arora Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies and Officer in charge of International affairs informed the students about the opportunities to study abroad, offered by Graphic Era Deemed University.

In the second session the students participated in Fun /Learning Activities like; Mystery Box and AD MAD BAG The activities were useful to provide them a platform to gain confidence and speak. Thereafter , an interactive session on Mental Health and Well Being was conducted by Mrs Rashi Bhatnagar, Project Manager, Latika Roy Foundation. She practised some interesting exercises and activities.

The Second day of Induction Program

The Second day of Induction ceremony in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences began with Interactive Session on Career Prospects in Public Sector by Dr Manoj Pant, Joint Director, Directorate of Planning and Economic Strategy Uttarakhand state. Dr Pant discussed with the students various career prospects available to them in public as well as private sectors. The session ended with question- answer session.

This was followed by an Interactive Session with Dr .Pratibha Sharma , a well known Clinical Psychologist. The session was highly motivating and interactive where we learned the basics of inner mind capability. She explained the causes of Stress management and solutions to the problem. Her session concluded with Question - Answer session.

In the post lunch session , theme based Poster making competition was held for the freshers, in which all students participated to showcase their creative abilities. It was fun and learning activities where they learnt team work and to express their ideas through drawing and sketching.

All the faculty and staff members of the department were present to witness the event.

Students Learn How to Build Multiple Intelligence from Experts on Third Day of Induction

On third day of Induction program of the Department of Humanities and Social Science the students witnessed the presentation made by Mr Rakesh Meet on ‘Multiple Intelligence’. He taught the students various ways of building their intelligence. The second expert Dr. Surendra Dhalwal, a Clinical Psychologist with NIVH did a session on ‘Rorschach Ink Blot Test’ by The test was conducted to find out various types of personalities. He further explained the usage of the test .

Post lunch, Fun activity Dumb Charades, was organised so that students would feel quite at ease in the new environment. Thereafter an interactive and activity based session on ‘Know Yourself ’ by Mr Anand (GEHU) was held which thoroughly engrossed the students’ attention. The students and faculty members gave their positive feedback on the effective session .