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Graphic Era has taken support from TATA Technologies for Engineering programs currently offered at Graphic Era and Under this initiative, Tata Technologies has assisted Graphic Era in setting up high end “Centers of Excellence” in the domain of Product Design, Tear down and bench marking process, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation, Mechatronics, MES & Internet of Things (IOT) with huge financial investment partly supported by Tata Technologies. These Industry simulated environments are giving exposure to students to the latest cutting edge technologies in Industry. Also, the students are having access to an online learning platform for unique set of Industry oriented engineering and management course modules.

Moreover, subject and technical experts from Tata Technologies are directly interacting with Graphic Era students giving them first hand exposure of Industry technology and advance skill requirements. These advanced labs are also useful in boosting the research and consultancy in core sectors of the engineering. 

The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in thrust areas. It has advanced laboratories of CAM and robotics, Thermal Engineering, Fluids Engineering, Materials Science and Material Testing, Modeling and Simulation and Microwave processing of Materials, latest tools in the work shop, welding shop and carpentry. It also has advanced computing labs with software in computer Graphics, Scientific Computations, Finite Element Analysis and Modeling.



Our university has research collaboration with AVL AST GmbH, Garz Austria since 13th July 2016.

On behalf of AVL company, Dr. Reinhard Tatschl, Research and technology Manager, AVL List GmbH Graz Austria signed the agreement.

The agreement was signed by then Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. V. K. Tewari, Graphic Era University, 566/6 Clement town Dehradun-248002, Uttarakhand on 13th July 2016 on behalf of LICENSEE.

The license of the software was issued on 6th September 2016 to the LICENSEE: Dr.-Ing. Maharshi Subhash, Associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Era University Dehradun.

We agreed that the company will provide the license of AVL AST software package (consists of six different modules for modeling and simulation in various fields of mechanical engg.) free of cost up to 30 licenses each under University Partnership Program.

The details are given in the agreement.

In lieu of this agreement the university will

1. Mention AVL AST software usage in annual institute report and/or on institute web-page

2. Internet link to AVL website

3. Offer courses/seminars for industry including AVL AST members to present

4. Provide R&D results obtained with or to be built in AVL AST software

 Who will be benefitted from this software:

1. M. Tech and PhD students for research and development (Mechanical, Civil and Petroleum Engg.)

2. Research group of Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics in mechanical engineering.

3. B.Tech (Mechanical, Civil and Petroleum Engg.) students will be trained.