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About the Department

The Department of Commerce has been established in the year 2014 with an aim to create professional curriculum of B.Com (Honors). B.Com (Honors) at GEU equips graduates with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. The course also prepares students for subsequent graduate studies and allows them to achieve the highest level of success in their professional careers.  The Bachelor of Commerce provides a solid foundation in economics, quantitative methods and organizational behavior, exposing them to multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills. In Department of Commerce search for knowledge complements sense of responsibility, understanding is coupled with the commitment, and academic excellence goes with the cultivation of virtue.

Learning objectives


Name of the Department

Department of Commerce


To impart high quality education for producing highly talented commerce graduates and entrepreneurs with latest knowledge and ethical orientation to cater to industrial requirements and meet the expectations set by the society.


To impart education of the highest standards in the field of commerce using state of art facilities under dedicated guidance.
To adopt an innovative approach in tackling simple to complex problems as individuals and as team members.
To develop commerce graduates with strong foundation who are adaptable and dynamic towards rapidly changing scenarios that emerge in the modern work places.
To produce socially responsible and ethical commerce graduates who are an asset for the      society.

Programme name

Bachelor of Commerece(Honours)

Programme Code


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)



Make student skillful to solve problems in creative ways and be able to take good decisions.


Have professional graduates ready to work with sence of responsibility , ethics and enabling them to perform efficiently and also in a team indepedently


To impart them life skills so that they are able tp live their life happily and contendly by solving any personal and professional problems. To inculcate ability to analyze adapt to the changing scenario and environment through contineous leaving.

Program Outcomes



Accounting Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of management, economics, business and an accountancy specialization to the solution of complex accountancy problems.


Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyze complex problems reaching substantiated conclusions using principles of accountancy, economics and business.


Design/development of solutions:  Design solutions for complex accountancy problems and design specific solutions that meet the needs with appropriate consideration for the government, investors, customers and society.


Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of questionnaires, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern accountancy and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex business activities with an understanding of the limitations.


Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


Environment, sustainability and Ethics: Understand the impact of the professional accounting solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development. Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the managerial practice