Teaching Methodology at Graphic Era University

Teaching Methodology

Learning @ GEU

The real journey of learning starts at GEU and is for a lifetime. All courses offered at Graphic Era University are delivered with appropriate and customized teaching methodology. Teaching facilities integrate learning that assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across all levels and disciplines, giving a unique platform to each student to transform into professionals in their chosen field. The programs offered by GEU provide an excellent opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge, broaden their experience and develop their skills that will be of interest to potential employers. The social network that the students develop here, make the time that they spend here, even more rewarding.

Our approach towards teaching


Engineering and Management education involves a significant amount of teamwork. Several industries where students find employment emphasize the need for : A team player with good interpersonal skiils.

For this purpose, we at GEU incorporate projects involving student groups, which provide students with vital opportunities to effectively work as a team. These projects are useful learning tools where the students assimilate and implement all the concepts they have learned in the classroom to bring the project to fruition, write a report and make a presentation. Students sometimes need mentoring not only in technical aspects of a project but also in group interaction and effective teamwork. Team work and interpersonal skills are acquired through experience, our teachers play a crucial role in identifying their position in a dynamic group. Teachers discuss various teamwork- related problems that students might encounter and guide them through the process.

In general, all courses have lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, practicals. It provides a framework within which every student is the exposure to explore the subjects they learn. Apart from this, the students are engaged in activities which help them gain confidence in subjects they learn. Lot of opportunities are provided and emphasis is laid on self study through assignments which require critical thinking. Overall learning environment provided to students is challenging and rewarding and it develops great learning skills which make the students steadfast in their careers.

To satisfy their quest for knowledge students at Graphic Era University have the privilege of associating with more than 330 faculty members, 72 of which have a Ph.D. Degree and 214 faculty members with post graduate qualification, learning from a vast pool of around 10,000 strong peer group and from alumni in top corporations of the country and abroad.

Ensuring Quality Education


We, at GEU have been developing a rigorous system of quality assurance for higher education with a view to continuously assess ways to protect and improve the quality of courses, qualifications and research and ensure minimum standards.

This effort operates in four areas of quality assurance, by :

  • Designing courses that meet minimum standards.
  • Conducting continuous reviews of existing courses.
  • Carrying out faculty audits.
  • Engaging in quality promotion and capacity development.

We are vigilant about quality and are able to ensure that appropriate systems are in place and functioning consistently.

Preparing for a career, and life.


With focus on our aim to prepare each trainee with us, for career and life, outbound activity is one of the many productive and innovative ways of teaching.

Such activities aim to put the ‘bigger picture’ in front of the students and help them introspect and discover themselves from a fresh perspective. ‘Behavioral training’ complements the lecture inputs to maximize learning. Such activity integrates aspects like teamwork, planning & co-ordination, personal & social communication, lateral thinking, self exploration and self realization. The facilitators use campsites and other tools like adventure activities, camp games, natural settings, local people & their habitat to provide qualitative learning experiences.

Spaced out practical exposure


At GEU we have created an environment that nurtures innovation and leadership – where our researchers, staff and students can realize their potential and develop their ambitions.

We are proud of our collegiate atmosphere and integrated teaching and research approach which have helped to build a community of committed academics and highly motivated youth.

Regular assignment, field work, on going academic research and industry project lend that imperative stimulating and supportive environment conducive to effective learning and research and growth.

For instance, students along with faculty and staff are actively involved in industry projects such as Studies on Effect of PVD Coating on the Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium, Studies on Deposition and Characterization of Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC Modeling of Rain Drop-Size) Distribution and Attenuation at SHF/EHF Band for Indian Regions (Earlier known as Ka Band Propagation studies using GST – 4), Scheduling Algorithms for Tactical Multi-hop Adhoc Network, Smart Meter’s Security Issue, a project on orchid culture.

The trainees in professional programs are not behind with assignments from business, media, entertainment industry and university initiated live projects such as rural marketing, working at workstations with professionals, in-campus marketing and beyond.

The in-campus and off-campus activities under the aegis of national and international societies chapters in campus, the national and international exchange programs, contribution in discussions and meets of national and international repute too provide a high profile and challenging platform

Distinguished Faculty


We take pride in having such professors who are good deliverers, pillars of strength, approachable and amicable.

Trainees stand to gain immensely from such true mentors as skills, expertise, experiences and associations are well received during the given mentor – mentee learning environment.

FDPs and workshop are widely encouraged and initiated to keep the faculties abreast with the latest industry standards, business and academia, to further the trainees’ benefits.

Industry Academia Interface


Industry academia interface is integral to the teaching methodology and curriculum.

Over and above the regular practical assignments, field work, projects given by the distinguished faculty and the environment in which they are carried; working in industry labs and workshops, live observation of the various machine designs and manufacturing processes, understanding of the working of various sections and the interdependency among them, informative interactions with people at different management levels, industry workshops and lectures, hold prominence in the training at GEU as against sheer add – on presence.

Beckoning Atmosphere


The campus with its amicable faculty, staff and excellent amenities for varied sports, social, cultural and leisure experiences welcomes diverse yet equally passionate young crowd.

To give the aspirants a fulfilling and enriching experience of life, a wide range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities complement the academics. Vibrant student groups, clubs, societies and student chapters of professional bodies pave way for a wide array of intellectual, cultural, social and recreational opportunities and challenges. The grooming and learning that one gets from such involvements is undeniably surpassing.

Wide Acceptance in Industry and Business Fraternity


Renowned recruiters across industries actively and consistently target our graduates and post graduates for industry - academia interface.

The industry readiness that one imbibes during one's journey with us continues to pull corporate giants across sectors and industries such as Accenture, Britannia, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, Jaypee, Oberoi, Lalit Hospitality Group, India Mart, SBI life, Godrej, Tech Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Syntel, Somany tiles, Pushpanjali group, Simplex Infra, HCL connect, HCL B Serve, Indian Navy, to name a few.

The consistency, integrity and inclusion of new and renowned recruiters in every academic session is another noteworthy highlight of our placements.

Activity Based Learning Through Peer Associations.


Students also learn from activities that are centric to their course of study by participating in activity clubs such as.

Automobile Club

It is designed for the students who have a strong inclination towards automated machines and gadgets.


Software Club

If you are an aspiring technocrat, then this is meant for you ! Students go out to sharpen their software skills with this Software Club which indulges in several self initiated and industry supported fun with learning activities.


Speaker’s Club

As evident from the name, the Speaker’s club aims to provide a platform for the students who have a passion for public speaking and also encourages participation from those who may be diffident. It covers avenues like extemporary, talk shows, group discussions, debates etc.


Eco Club

At present, where “eco-friendly” is the buzzword, here is a fraternity of eco-friendly students, hailing from different disciplines, aiming to sensitize all around them- from fellow students to staff, faculty and senior management.


Quiz Club

The ultimate stop for mind sports! From serious to casual, from history to science, where else will you have such truly exciting and challenging indulgence, as team or as an individual.


Scrabble Club

If you don’t fumble and bumble with words then go scrabble with the best of scrabble players in the scrabble club – a clan of youth who aspires to take this game to a level where it matches chess.


Dance Club

If you don’t need a reason to dance nor do you look for one; it’s just so part of you- then this is for you ! The Dance Club encourages and nurtures dance in all forms.

Dance away to the tune of national and international artists at various inter and intra-college dance competitions.

This club has a long history of enthralling the students, faculty and management with it’s thrilling performances during fests, cultural events etc.


Photography Club

If your clicks speak for themselves; if you’ve got the eye for beauty or you can beautify a subject with your skill with a camera or with a photo-software, then you surely stand for chance to be picked up as a new member of the Photography Club.


Music Club

Are you among the few who make hearts beat or feet tap, or both, with your enchanting voice? Then membership of the music club at GEU will give you tons of such opportunities and challenges, both within and outside the University.


Mountaineering and Trekking Club

If you love nature, then you will definetly love trekking and that is what this Club is all about!

You will be part of breath taking trekking expeditions to places like Valley of Flowers, Pindari Glacier and Sach Pass and challenging rock climbing training, in sync with club’s future plans.


Wildlife Club

Visiting places as wildlife refugees, zoos and research stations; surveying fish populations using electro fishing methods, tracking animals using radio telemetry and sampling deer to test for chronic wasting disease and such. Like it ? Wish to indulge in it? Then, the wildlife club at GEU is for you!

The club will give you a platform to contribute in sensitizing people towards wildlife conservation and compassion toward those innocent creatures as well.


Web Designing Club

As the name suggests, it’s the place for materializing the out-of–the-box ideas. The inplace curriculum takes the onus of harnessing the requisite skills, techniques and software.

To augment this learning and to applaud the best of talents, various activities and events are organized in this club.


GEU Film Society

Before you get it wrong, it’s beyond enjoying the latest and all time favourite movies and documentaries. It’s about going deeper into the message conveyed, the script, the shooting, the sequence and such facets. Still, if you wish to join and contribute, you are most welcome.


The Philately Club

From showcasing your prized collections to appreciating others' collections, sharing stories behind each coin and stamp in your kitty, to studying the tiny details and discussing over ancient coins and coinage, you will have a truly cherishable time with the Philately Club.



There also exists an active NCC wing which indulges in various cultural, intellectual, environmental, social and national events and activities. Here are a few highlights from the previous academic year.
  • Cadets took the task of tree plantation across the campus so as to evoke the latent sensitivity towards the environment. This appreciable effort was well received by senior management and other prominent faculty members at large.
  • The newly formed wing, participated in a camp and returned with gratifying victory in the cultural competition thereof, surpassing some 600 cadets from 29 UK battalions.
  • 26th Nov, the NCC Day saw the noteworthy indulgence of the enthusiastic cadets in rally, blood donation, cultural activities and discussions.

In addition to a camp earlier, where a girl cadet brought laurels to the university by making it to the first position in firing amongst cadets from 11 UK battalions, the girls’ wing also went out on another fulfilling joint camp with the boys’ wing, earlier this year. Cultural competition, firing competition, drill competition, painting competition, weapon training, FCBC, map reading, discussion on life in armed forces all such experiences engulfed each one of them through the camp, which ended with a rich and vibrant bonfire night.

Overall efforts are made to transform the level and quality of skills in students, so that they are acceptable by the industries.


Corporate Speak

Thanks to all of you. Had a wonderful experience here since morning. Kind of research you are driving is really amazing. Seeing the progress of this University, I can say that if I were a student and had the choice...
Mr. Rajiv Arora, Director-DPE, Microsoft-India

Corporate Speak

The total number of career streams and the options we have in this university, it's probably one of the differentiators from other educational institutions. There is a commitment in this university to bring in...
Mr. Rajiv Sachdeva, Vice-President-Technical, IBM

Corporate Speak

The recruitment numbers have continuously gone up year on year, indicating that the performance of students in the recruitment process has been continuously improving, the students were found to be...
Mr. Sudhir Mishra, E Schooling Hiring-Lead, Infosys Limited

Corporate Speak

Graphic Era students hired by me in the past organizations like HCL Tech, Birlasoft were of good quality and exhibited great competence. Their dedication and execution of activities were remarkable...
Mr. Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head-Student Skills,Employability Faculty Development, Microsoft India

Corporate Speak

It was great experience visiting GEU campus. The student quality was good not only in terms of academic knowledge but also in terms of their personality and grooming. We look forward to having...
Ms. Neha Bajaj, Location Campus Manager-North Wipro Technologies

Corporate Speak

We wish to congratulate all the selected students, faculty and management for their focus on imparting quality education which led to selection of good students during the campus recruitment process conducted for 2012 batch pass outs....
Mr. Shoaib Mehraj, North Zone Hiring Lead Campus Recruitment Accenture India

Corporate Speak

The quality of students is exceptional and the way placement process is handled is at par with best of the management institute of India...
Mr. Ankit Thakkar, Chief Technological Officer Satguru Travels

Corporate Speak

Coming to Graphic Era and meeting the extra-ordinary students here was really a wonderful experience. In future we look forward for more interaction, hospitality was great too with good memories...
Mr. H.P Arya, GM-Human Resource, JBM Group

Corporate Speak

Students have good knowledge on domain, good environment in college and good campus. Very proactive students never seen before, awesome to study in Graphic Era University...
Mr. Raghavendra .R, Assistant Manager-Operations Genpact

Corporate Speak

It was nice opportunity for me to interact with future talent, who are being developed in your institution. I shall appreciate their dreams, they shared & their commitment to deliver to the highest...
Mr. Harish Kumar Bedi, D.G.M. - Materials New Holland Tractors

Corporate Speak

It was a fantastic experience to interact with the students of Graphic Era University, Dehradun. I am highly impressed with their zeal to quickly learn and grasp the concepts shared with them...
Mr. Rajiv Arora, - Director-DPE - Microsoft-India

Corporate Speak

It has always been a great experience recruiting students from Graphic Era...
Mr. Pankaj Mehrotra, President CeaseFire Industries.

Corporate Speak

Excellent Infrastructure. It was a pleasure to visit & we look forward to visiting the campus in future...
Mr. Anvita Madan, Manager - HR SBI Life.

Corporate Speak

A good institute that has a bright future ahead. Students here are humble & enthusiastic...
Ms. Rakhee Gehani, AM - HR