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M.Tech Biotechnology

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Ist Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
MTBT-111 Advanced Microbial Technology
MTBT-112 Advanced Biochemistry & Enzymology
MTBT-113 Immunology &Immunotechnology
MTBT-114 Cell & Molecular Biology
MTBT 115 Seminar
MTBTL-111 Advanced Microbial Technology Lab
MTBTL-113 Immunology & Immunotechnology Lab 
MTBTL-112 Advanced Biochemistry & Enzymology Lab

2nd Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
MTBT-211 Recombinant DNA Technology
MTBT-213 Elective (Any one)
  • MTBT-313a Environmental Biotechnology
  • MTBT-313b Stem Cell Technology
  • MTBT-313c Drug Designing
MTBT-214 Advance Bioprocess Engineering
MTBT-215 Instrumentation & Biological Technique
MTBT-212 Mathematics&Biostatistics
MTBT 216 Minor project Technical writing skills
MTBTL-211 Recombinant DNA Technology Lab
MTBTL-214 Advance Bioprocess Engineering Lab

3rd Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
MTBT-311 Advanced Bioinformatics
MTBT-312 Cell & Tissue Culture
  • Biosensors
MTBT 314 Minor Project Research Orientation
MTBTL-312 Cell & Tissue Culture Lab
MTBTL-311 Bioinformatics Lab

4th Semester

Subject Code Subject Title
MTBT-401 Dissertation in Biosensors
Career Prospects

It is multi-disciplinary field involving experts from biotech, chemical, electronics, mechanical,medical etc. The tremendous growth in population all over the world has also resulted in increase in number of people getting affected with various health issues such as diabetes and obesity is driving the need for periodic medical care. This, in turn has propelled market growth of biosensors based medical diagnostics and expansion ofR&D activities. The global market for Biosensors based industry has been forecasted to reach US$12 billion by the year 2015(According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.). Presently biosensor industry is growing at annual growth rate nearly of 15 % creating ample job opportunities each year.

Others fields of career development include research laboratories, point-of-care, home diagnostics, process industries, environmental monitoring, security, bio-defense, Drug Discovery,detecting cell-to-cell interactions and nanotechnology-based biosensors.Job opportunities are available in various international companies (Neosensors Limited, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc., Animas Corp., LifeScan Inc., Medtronic Diabetes, Roche Diagnostics Ltd. Leading developers of biosensor technology analyzed include AgaMatrix Inc., Cranfield Health, LifeSensors Inc., M-Biotech, and Nova Biomedical Corp.,etc) and in various research institutes.

Integrated B.Tech. Biotechnology& MBAcourse offers anunique opportunity to study both biotechnology and business administration. This is one course that offers two degrees within 5 years. This course is important because globally biotechnology is multi-Trillion dollar investment having a long lasting impact on global economy. Generally students with MBA background do not have anample understanding of Biotechnology, likewise any Biotechnology graduate involved in industry does not have insight into managerial and management issues of running a company, which are essential for an industry.This dual degree course solves this problem and caters to the demand of Biotechnologyand Pharmaceutical industries. Understanding of the subject becomes crucial when managers and entrepreneurs are involved in decision and policy making. Careers in biotechnology require innovative and entrepreneurial skills along with suitable theoretical and practical knowledge base. This course is to inculcate innovative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and suitable to launch students for executive career for meeting the needs and demands of biotech industry./p>

Integrated course leading to dual degree offers better career options, job opportunities, and earning potential with overall improved career prospects as compared to ordinary biotech or MBA graduates.


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Thanks to all of you. Had a wonderful experience here since morning. Kind of research you are driving is really amazing. Seeing the progress of this University, I can say that if I were a student and had the choice...
Mr. Rajiv Arora, Director-DPE, Microsoft-India

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The total number of career streams and the options we have in this university, it's probably one of the differentiators from other educational institutions. There is a commitment in this university to bring in...
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The recruitment numbers have continuously gone up year on year, indicating that the performance of students in the recruitment process has been continuously improving, the students were found to be...
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Graphic Era students hired by me in the past organizations like HCL Tech, Birlasoft were of good quality and exhibited great competence. Their dedication and execution of activities were remarkable...
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It was great experience visiting GEU campus. The student quality was good not only in terms of academic knowledge but also in terms of their personality and grooming. We look forward to having...
Ms. Neha Bajaj, Location Campus Manager-North Wipro Technologies

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We wish to congratulate all the selected students, faculty and management for their focus on imparting quality education which led to selection of good students during the campus recruitment process conducted for 2012 batch pass outs....
Mr. Shoaib Mehraj, North Zone Hiring Lead Campus Recruitment Accenture India

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The quality of students is exceptional and the way placement process is handled is at par with best of the management institute of India...
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It was a fantastic experience to interact with the students of Graphic Era University, Dehradun. I am highly impressed with their zeal to quickly learn and grasp the concepts shared with them...
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It has always been a great experience recruiting students from Graphic Era...
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A good institute that has a bright future ahead. Students here are humble & enthusiastic...
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